Our team is the go-to source for all of your custom apparel. We bring your brand to life by ensuring that your logo and company/team colors pop. Every piece of apparel undergoes quality assurance, to ensure that every piece is worthy of the individual wearing it. Your team sacrificed so much to get your company or organization to where it is. Ensure that they feel that appreciation by investing in quality apparel that they will be proud to wear.

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RIZN Ink is committed to creating the highest quality custom apparel that tells the story of your brand. Whether you are a ministry, school, band, brewery, a small business, or a thriving corporation, we have custom apparel solutions that speak volumes of your story. If we aren't already versed in the buying trends of your audience, we will do a deep dive to be sure we are offering items that cater accordingly.

Our team strongly believes that there is no greater connection that we as individuals have than to share our life’s story with others. It is important to share those stories, it's what makes your brand worth something. We make it our mission to deliver the highest-quality apparel. No matter what your screen printing or embroidery vision is, we can make it a reality while keeping the process hassle-free.

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RIZN Ink’s custom apparel is built to last. We work with great brands such as Bella+Canvas, Next Level Apparel, and Independent Trading to offer our clients material that is both comfortable and durable. Cost effective brands like Gildan, Port and Company, Tultex, Jerzees, and JAmerica are always on hand as well. Your team will want to wear their custom apparel again and again, and we guarantee that it can withstand the demands of your event or day-to-day operations. We also partner with newer more boutique brands like AS Colour, Cotton Heritage, Lane Seven, and Shaka Wear for specific styles. We get great blank hats from brands like Richardson, Pacific Headwear, Atonal Headwear, Weld MFG, Cali Headwear, OTTO Cap, and Blvnk Headwear to name a few.

Our team offers the following apparel for our clients in Arlington, Texas, and the greater DFW area:

  • T-shirts
  • Dri Fit Tees
  • Zip Hoodies
  • Crewneck Sweatshirts
  • Tanks
  • Long sleeves
  • Jackets
  • Shorts
  • Custom Size Tag Prints
  • Custom Patches
  • Custom Patch Hats
  • Embroidered Patch Hats
  • Leather Patch Hats
  • PVC Rubber Patch Hats
  • Hem Tags
  • Hang Tags
  • Barcoding
  • Bagging
  • Size Tagging
  • Split Shipping


Have a design that you love but are not sure how to get your logo onto your custom apparel?No problem! The team at RIZN Ink offers custom screen printing. This process involves using a stencil of your design and pressing it onto the fabric. This process can be done with the following apparel:

  • T-shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Tanks
  • Long sleeves
  • Jackets

Standard screen printing typically involves the use of plastisol inks for most applications. However, waterbase, discharge, and sublimation prints are available as well by request. We also use heat transfers, direct to film transfers, and direct to garment printing case by case. Screen printing is great for pretty much any t-shirt and also applies to tank tops, hoodies, long sleeves, joggers, and any other cotton dominant garments. Various transfer applications are a great option for designs with high color counts and items that have a thicker fabric or heavier material.

Custom screen printing is a great way to get your original artwork onto a piece of clothing without losing the intricate details. This type of printing creates a one-of-a-kind piece that is sure to turn heads. Contact our team today about our custom screen printing options and get ready to see your brand come to life.


Embroidery is the process in which an image or design is stitched into the fabric. Not only does this create a unique look on your apparel but this type of embellishment also holds up better over time. When choosing this application it's important to consider the size of the artwork and the intricacy of the details in the design. Embroidery can be a little tougher to execute with small logos, especially text. You'll want to be sure to consider font size and overall dimensions of the artwork.

Embroidery uses different types of thread to display your business’s name, logo, or brand design. RIZN Ink has over 35 thread colors in house to choose from, ensuring that no matter what your logo looks like, we have the colors to capture it and bring it to life. We also order custom thread colors on projects that call for specific color matches.

Embroidery uses different types of thread to display your business’s name, logo, or brand design onto the merchandise. RIZN Ink has over 35 house colors to choose from, ensuring that no matter what your logo looks like, we have the colors to capture it and bring it to life.


There are several benefits that you can expect from getting your brand’s logo or design embroidered.

  • Permanent Placement: Will not be worn away from repeated wear and tear or washing.
  • Incredibly Durable: The thread used for embroidery is malleable and flexible, allowing the material to bend to fit any part of the body and move along with it.
  • Tight Stitches: The tightness of each stitch makes it resistant to damage and much less likely to break down over time.
close up of an embroidery


Not sure what you want your custom apparel to look like? No problem! Our team of expert graphic designers can help you come up with a look that captures the essence of your brand orevent. RIZN Ink’s designers work with you throughout the entire process, from coming up with the look or phrase that captures your brand’s story to ensuring that the final look is approved and loved before it goes to printing. We can also use screenshots, links, descriptions, or simple ideas from you to inspire our designers to come up with something new.

Ready to be amazed by what our team can do? Contact us today to get started on custom apparel that your team or audience will be proud to wear.


RIZN Ink is dedicated to creating a seamless experience when it comes to ordering and receiving your custom apparel. Our team will work with you through every step of the process to ensure that you will love the result.

Currently, minimum order quantities (or MOQ's) start at 25 pieces. However, you can contact our team at if your project falls inside of our minimum, and we will consider your request based on the need. You will find that we offer incredible pricing options for higher quantity purchasing. The greater the number of items you order, the lower the price per piece.

Typically, orders will be fulfilled in 10 business days or less from the time of invoice approval and date of payment. If you need your order sooner, just contact us. Our team is willing to work with you to ensure that you get your order when you need it and we have the capacity to turn orders in as few as 3 working days once blank items land in house.


Our goal is to increase your brand awareness and appeal to your target audience with apparel that people want to get their hands on. Whether we are looking to capture the dedication of your team for an event in Arlington, Texas or shipping out bulk orders for ministries, breweries, or corporate gyms nationwide, every garment shipped is treated with the highest level of care. No matter if you are still trying to piece together what you want your apparel to look like, or you already have a clear vision with designs in mind, our team is here to elevate your brand and bring it to life through embellishment on quality garments. Rizn Ink is committed to building relationships, giving our clients the utmost customer service, and staying accountable to the process from start to finish.