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Looking for the perfect custom apparel for your church group’s summer camp? Need business uniforms that proudly show off your company’s logo? Want the perfect merchandise to show off the pride and joy of your band, complete with bright vibrant colors to make your group pop on stage? The custom apparel designers at RIZN Ink have got you covered with our custom T-shirt and apparel screen printing services in Arlington, Texas.

Our custom designers are passionate about helping businesses, non-profit organizations, and family groups express themselves and their cause through eye-catching custom apparel. Our experience and dedication to our clients and their mission enable us to turn ideas into wearable works of art. Showcase your brand in vibrant colors, spread consumer recognition, and promote your cause with custom apparel screen printing.

Why Go With RIZN Ink for Custom T-shirt and Apparel Screen Printing?

  • Custom Designs: Whether your company already has an image in mind for your apparel or you need help designing one from scratch, our team has you covered. We work alongside you to make your custom apparel an effective promoter of your business or cause. Create apparel that your employees, volunteers, members, or consumers will want to show off.
  • Quick Turnaround Times: Our general turnaround time is ten days from the receipt of payment. If you need your order in a shorter period, you can always speak to us about expediting your order. We will work with you to make it happen.
  • Bring Logos and Designs to Life: Vibrant colors, bold lettering, and tasteful use of complementary and contrasting colors can bring your design to life. Our team works with you to ensure that your custom apparel attracts the attention of everyone who sees it. Make your audience interested in your story and brand with just one look.

What Are the Benefits of Branded Apparel?

black hoodie with "marble" on it

Custom apparel has more benefits than you might think. Below are a few of the ways they can contribute to your business.

Logo-Branded Apparel Looks Professional

You want to make a strong first impression when you meet with a client or a new member of your organization. One of the best ways to do this is to ensure that your team is wearing logo-branded apparel. It helps unify your employees or volunteers under one cause, promotes your mission to the community, and makes your group recognizable in pictures or videos that get posted online.

As an added perk, you will find that your group is more confident in themselves and their goal when they are wearing apparel that ties them together. This is true regardless of whether you are a restaurant with a casual dress code or a corporate business at a charity event.

Logo-Branded Apparel Offers a Uniformed Look

As mentioned earlier, when your entire team is wearing logo-branded apparel, it creates a sense of identity among the members of your group. This is true for businesses, non-profit organizations, and even family events. Even if your company is new, having your logo appear throughout your brand’s touchpoints creates a sense of curiosity among your targeted audience, a strong sense of loyalty among your team, and makes your members more recognizable in your community.

Some of the most effective marketing comes from just having your team wear your brand’s logo as they are interacting and serving with your community. Create connections and foster relationships with beautiful custom apparel from RIZN Ink.

Logo-Branded Apparel Makes a Great Giveaway

Want to stir excitement at your next community or hiring event? Make a raffle or giveaway with a comfortable and sleek branded t-shirt or apparel. Not only will the winners of your branded apparel be overjoyed that they got a free shirt, hat, or hoodie, but it also serves as free advertising when they choose to wear that apparel out. Create excitement around your brand by choosing to give away logo-branded apparel at your next event.

Simple and Low-Cost Marketing for Your Brand

Regardless of whether it is an employee, customer, volunteer, or member wearing your brand’s custom shirt, it puts your brand out there. Those who recognize your brand will get hit with a sense of nostalgia, making them yearn for your business’s goods or services, or perhaps encouraging them to volunteer at your nonprofit organization’s next event.

For those who are unfamiliar with your brand, it encourages them to ask questions, look your company up on the web, or bring them to your business’s door. It is the perfect opportunity to spread the word about what your organization or company is doing without much effort involved. The best part is, custom apparel has one of the highest ROI’s of any marketing strategy.

Commitment to Arlington, Texas Businesses and Brands

We are proud to be an Arlington, Texas, business. Over the years, we’ve expanded, serving businesses and organizations in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and nationwide. However, our roots are still grounded in our community, serving the businesses and non-profit organizations right here in Arlington.

Expert Screen Print Application: Elevating Your Brand with Custom Apparel

Navy t-shirt for a crossfit event

RIZN Ink has over twelve years of experience with custom screen printing in Arlington, Texas. In that time, we’ve learned a lot by working with both small and large organizations. We use that knowledge to help you get the most out of your custom T-shirt order. Our team creates attractive designs with precision and strong attention to detail.

So what exactly is screen printing? It is a process that involves pressing ink to add a stenciled design to a flat surface. Screen printing creates a clean, uniform look on custom apparel that is cheaper than embroidery but still maintains a high quality. RIZN Ink only uses the highest-grade ink on the market, ensuring that your custom apparel is built to last and the ink doesn’t fade.

Our team can print on a variety of materials. Whether you are looking for athletic wear for a sports event or a comfortable shirt for your employees to work in, we can make it happen.

From Concept to Reality: Collaborative Screen Print Design Process

To best serve our clients, we get to know not just what they do but who they are. We can better help them tell their story by understanding what makes them unique. The result of our collaborative relationships is custom apparel to be proud of.

Custom Designs from Scratch

No design? No problem. Our incredible graphic designers will work with you to design a logo that truly represents your brand. If you require custom artwork, please give us a call, live chat with us, or email us.

Design Modifications

Our designers are also able to modify your existing logo if needed. For example, if your logo has more than ten colors, we’ll work with you to modify it so it still looks great while helping you save on cost.  

Arlington Custom Screen Printed T-Shirts: Material and Style Selection

a black tshirt made for a pulling team

RIZN Ink offers many different brands and styles of T-shirts. We’ll use our knowledge to help you find the right material and style for your custom T-shirt. Whether it’s a Level Apparel soft cotton tee for relaxing at home, Bella+Canvas tri-blends for the gym, or Comfort Colors’ pigment-dyed tees for a faded vintage style, we can help.

Screen Printing in Arlington, Texas

Let our team help you tell your brand’s story through high-quality custom apparel. We look forward to helping you create custom apparel that promotes confidence in your team and your consumers. The sense of pride you will feel when you see your brand/logo come to life will spread like wildfire to your community. This connection will make you more than just another business or organization, but an internal part of what makes Arlington, Dallas, and Fort Worth home for so many people.  Contact us to request a quote!

Custom Apparel Screen Printing FAQs

What Services does RIZN Ink Offer for Screen Printing?

RIZN Ink offers custom screen printing and live screen printing services.

Custom Screen Printing
With our custom screen printing, we can put your image on several types of clothing. We are able to do custom screen printing with the following articles of clothing:

1. T-shirts
2. Hoodies
3. Tanks
4. Long sleeves
5. Jackets

Live Screen Printing
Live screen printing adds a fun and unique twist to screen printing. Guests at your event can witness the creation of a work of art on a T-shirt. Attending these events lets us connect more closely with your brand or organization.

How does RIZN Ink Collaborate with Clients During the Design Process?

We build relationships with our clients and get to know their wants and needs. Equipped with this knowledge, we can best convey the brand’s story through apparel. From the type of t-shirt to the look of the design on it, we use our knowledge of your company or organization to help you best represent your brand.

Can RIZN Ink Handle Bulk Orders for Large Events?

Yes, we can and have done bulk orders.

What Sets RIZN Ink Apart from Other Screen Printing Companies?

The relations we forge with our clients set us apart. We believe in getting to know what your company or organization is all about so we can create apparel that truly represents it.

Is There a Difference Between Screen Printing and Silk Screening?

No. Both terms mean the same thing. Screen printing is a newer way to say it.

What are the Differences Between Screen Printing and Digital Printing?

Screen printing and digital printing are different ways of applying an image to clothing. Each offers several advantages and disadvantages.

Screen Printing
Screen printing applies a stenciled design to a flat surface using ink. This process:

1. Excels at making colors appear vibrant. 
2. Is more labor-intensive than digital printing. 
3. Works well on lighter-colored surfaces.

Digital Printing
Digital printing involves a printer that directly applies ink to the surface. This process:

1. Enables greater details than screen printing.
2. Allows the use of more colors. 
3. Works great for small orders.
4. Works best on darker surfaces.

How Many Colors Can I Use?

We are able to screen print up to ten colors. If your design has more than ten colors, we’ll work with you to have your design fit within the ten-color limit while not detracting from the look of the design.

What Color Apparel can you Print On?

We can print on nearly every type of blank garment.

Do I Have to Order Screen Print T-Shirts in Bulk?

Usually, for RIZN Ink, you can order a minimum of twenty-five items. However, if you require a lower amount, please email us at orders@riznink.com. Our team will look into lower orders on a case-by-case basis.

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